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A bit about Gillian...

Gillian is an English woman living in rural Australia with her cattle dog Jess. She loves writing and also enjoys gardening, cooking, horse-riding and singing amongst other interests. She has travelled widely in Australia and enjoys meeting people and hearing their stories.

She has three children and four grandchildren living in England, France and Australia. She loves to spend time with them when ever possible.


Gillian's Books



Will her nightmare end in tragedy or resolution?

Rachel is on her property in the remoteness of the Australian outback; alone. Her husband has passed, and her estranged son who had left years ago, arrives to demand his share of his dead father’s inheritance. Rachel is terrified of him and his threats are not to be dismissed with mere insolence of his parents. She is very frightened of him and then suspicious of him, when she finds the dead body of a stranger in her creek and is afraid it is linked to him.

She calls the police. She meets the new police sergeant, Mike, and he befriends her with a new and enticing friendship that Rachel finds refreshing. Then her dog dies and Rachel knows there is more than meets the eye to the events surrounding circumstances. With Mike confronting her son, and a gun fight ensuing with the motorbike gang, she must protect the ones she loves even if it means breaking their hearts in the process...

No one knows how alone Rachel’s heart truly is…



A young woman’s best friend is killed in a horrific accident, which impacts her outlook on life. At the same time, other events happen that lead her on an arduous journey to find the peace and happiness she longs for. She finds herself criss-crossing the world and nearly loses the understanding of her family and those around her. Just when she thinks that she has everything falling into place, she has another bad knock and has to draw on inner strengths that she didn’t know she had.


Sam is in her mid-20s, horses are her life but she has a secret and to that end, she goes to Australia, hoping to escape from her emotional baggage. There she travels both physically and emotionally and life looks better. She meets a man who also has emotional problems and they start to heal each other until Sam’s past catches up with her and life looks to her worse than before.



Tom and Katie run a successful garden centre. Katie's mother had early onset dementia and is confused, so she decides to go live with them. Tom feels shut out, as does their daughter, Sally. Tom is flattered by a beautiful girl who goes to work for them, with dire consequences. Sally too has problems and increasingly, it looks as if the family may be blown apart. Will they overcome their difficulties and survive, will it ever be the same as before?


Anna doesn't have the easiest start in life nor a happy relationship with her mother. She grows into a very beautiful, successful, but lonely young businesswoman. She meets an equally successful businessman who sweeps her off her feet. However, he controls her life completely and, as time passes, her life becomes increasingly traumatic and ultimately in danger. How can she escape, and will she ever find the peace and happiness she craves?




 This story is about two friends, a small black-and-white dog called Tub and a small grey pony called Bub. There are many other animals included and also two children whose pets are Bub and Tub. The animals talk to each other, but the humans don’t understand them. The animals look after the humans, though the humans think it is the other way round.

They are always getting into mischief and having adventures. (New cover for Volume Two coming soon also!)



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